Welcome to Dakota Premium Hay

Here in Dakota Territory, we are very proud of our heritage. Our forefathers settled this rough land with little more than a strong will, a strong back and a couple of good horses. In those days the rules were simple: work hard, treat folks fair and take care of your horse.

The staff at Dakota Premium Hay lives by those same simple rules today. We work hard to take care of our customers and we offer excellent, top quality products at a fair price. Above all, Dakota Premium Hay forage is the natural way to take care of your horses.

Our mission at Dakota Premium Hay is to produce and distribute the finest natural equine forage on the planet. In order to do that, we had to do some research, so we talked to veterinarians, agronomists and lots of horse people. We talked to folks with one horse and folks with 100 head. We talked to people with horses that race, horses that rodeo and horses that just plain ride. In the end, we knew what horses need to eat in order to stay healthy, how they like to eat it and how to blend, bale, package and transport it efficiently.